With us, not about us

NYAC 2019 General Conference Election

 A way forward that centers the marginalized



Rev. Kristina Hansen

Rev. Alex da Silva Souto

Rev. Martha E. Vink

Rev. Dr. Sara Thompson Tweedy



Rev. Vicki Flippin

Rev. Sheila M. Beckford

Rev. Wongee Joh

Rev. Paul Fleck

Why we’re running… And asking for your support.

We are being faithful to the mandate from the 2017 annual conference, which voted to urge the conference to elect a majority-LGBTQI slate for the special GC, whose express and sole purpose is to address the impasse in the church over how we treat LGBTQI people.

This group represents many decades of faithful service and leadership in the UMC and our conference. It specifically includes deep GC expertise (seven people with direct delegation experience and multiple others who have attended many GCs) and additional significant legal/legislative/Judicial Council/Discipline expertise.

It reflects the diversity of the conference and our understanding of interconnectedness of oppressive systems. It is specifically and intentionally majority people of color, and committed to the unfinished work of racial justice in the UMC.

Above all, it is a chance for NYAC to live into its legacy of opposition to the UMC’s systemic exclusion of LGBTQI people. It is a chance to give queer people agency and voice in a way that they quite literally have never had in our denomination.

We want this delegation and this GC to be different, and that includes inviting in everyone who wants to help to participate in our process and to join us if they can in St. Louis. There is room at our table for all and for everyone’s gifts, and we need everyone’s gifts.



Jorge Lockward

Dr. Dorothee Benz

Karen G. Prudente

QuiShaun D. Hill

Ann Craig


Tiffany French-Goffe

Fred Brewington

Daisy Tavarez