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Pray With Us

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We invite you, General Conference delegates, into prayer partnership with LGBTQI United Methodists.


Our bishops have urged all of us in the UMC to “pray our way forward” as we journey to General Conference, and we in turn are urging you to sojourn together in prayer with an LGBTQI person.

The responsibility weighing upon the shoulders of delegates is enormous: the future of our denomination and the fate of LGBTQI people in it are at stake. You need every tool of discernment, the collective wisdom of the church, and the prayers of all.

Your queer siblings in Christ are here to walk this road with you, to share the flesh-and-blood experience of people of sacred worth called to service in a church that casts us out as “incompatible.”

We believe that the Gospel is incarnational, and that ends are predetermined in means. We are here to help the church move beyond discussing us as an “issue” and to help delegates forge a way forward with LGBTQI people. 

Fill out the form below to take part in the prayer partner project.

We ask you, as a delegate, to join in partnership with an LGBTQI United Methodist and commit to meeting and praying with your partner (by phone or video-conference) two or three times between now and the start of General Conference.

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